Sister Whittaker’s 36th Week

February 9, 2015


Hello friends and family!

Started the week right by going to “English club” held in a popular pub where all Hungarians can come and just speak English. We ended up being taught Hungarian and getting laughed at by our vowel pronunciation.

We sprinted to all most all of our buses this week. We planned programs on programs so we stayed busy. This week we had a lesson with a woman named Piroska. She is in her 70′s, lives alone, with noisy neighbors and is positive that “Satan is living up there” – words of Piroska. Piroska started talking about her older brother she misses very much who died a few years ago. He was her “best friend” she said and she hopes she will get the chance to see him after this life. We told her our knowledge of Gods plan and not only will she be able to see him, but be with him forever. Tears just came to her eyes. She said she felt a comfort and peace in her heart.

We had a big party last Saturday celebrating “Farsang”, a holiday where everyone dresses up in costumes, eats food and holds big parties. It is a lot like Halloween in America. Heni, a member here in Nyiregyhaza is also leaving on her mission to the Alpine, German speaking mission this week so we made it a goodbye party for her as well. We played games, ate all kinds of Hungarian food and sang some karaoke. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.


The weather has been quite chilly, but that doesn’t stop us from working hard. We saw many miracles this week. The spirit really works through you when you need it, at that specific time, when we open our mouths, God will direct us of what we need to say. We can’t ever be afraid!

I love you all. Thank you for all your love and support. God bless!

All my love, Whittaker Nővér

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