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Sister Whittaker’s 43rd Week

March 31, 2015

week_43_hungary Hello Friends and Family,

We got our transfer calls this morning and I am staying in Nyiregyháza and my new companion will be Sister Wilson. I can’t tell you how excited I am for the new adventure ahead, but my goodness, I am sure going to miss Sister Nybo and Nyiregyháza will not be the same without her. I have learned so much from her, she helped me work harder and love the people more, and I have improved on my language skills all because of Sister Nybo. She will be truly missed.

week_43_hungary2 week_43_hungary3

The sun is out, birds are chirping and the ice cream shops are opening. Nyiregyháza couldn’t be better and we found many miracles this week. On Monday, we had quite the miracle with one of our investigators, Monika. We teach her half English and half the gospel. After teaching English, we started talking about the Book of Mormon. She told us that she has been praying to know the truth and she still hasn’t received an answer about whether it is true or not and that she will keep trying. Sister Nybo and I felt the impression to ask her about baptism. She perked up and was completely interested. Let me tell you, the spirit was so strong.

week_43_hungary4 week_43_hungary6

We had a powerful lesson with our investigator, Piroska who is 80 years old. She is a strong Catholic and looks and acts like a 30 year old. She has told us many times that she loves us, but she is not willing to change her beliefs and is happy where she is. The spirit gave us another impression to ask her just one more time to come to church and she said YES! So, on Sunday, we walked together to church and she loved it.

week_43_hungary5 DSCF1243

God really does work in mysterious ways. I can’t tell you how much I love being here. The people are incredible and the nicest people you will ever meet. This week a member and his wife invited us over for dinner just because we have been teaching their little son piano lessons. They surprised us with a full course meal, and delicious Suti (dessert) at the end. It just shows that there are good people around us everywhere you go.

week_43_hungary7 week_43_hungary8

I want you all to know that I love this gospel and it has changed my life. I don’t know where I would be without it. I hope you all have a wonderful week! God bless you all.

All my love, Whittaker Nővér

Sister Whittaker’s 42nd Week

March 24, 2015

week_42_hungaryIt was a great week this week and time just doesn’t seem to slow down. We visited five less actives this week and it was a success. On Sunday, two of the families came back to church that haven’t been for months. Walking in and seeing their happy faces…there is no greater feeling. I was called to speak in church this Sunday and all those stressful feelings went away as I began to speak and bear my testimony. I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father. The Relief Society president was sick and called us to teach Relief Society. Even though there were a few language barriers, laughs and playing the game charades, all in all it worked out and yet again we felt the spirit helping us speak what they all needed to hear.

week_42_hungary3 week_42_hungary_port week_42_hungary7

We are teaching the coolest, nicest guy named András. We met him out streeting and told him about our free English class. He was quite interested, showed up to English and now we get the privilege to personally meet with him. He is so intelligent and loves to talk physics…let me tell you, that is my worst subject  He believes a lot of what we believe and asks every time to give him homework to read from the Book of Mormon. He is so prepared and such a wonderful man.

week_42_hungary_port3 week_42_hungary8 week_42_hungary6

We had quite the experience today while out walking with the elders. A younger girl came and stopped us, spoke perfect English and then mentioned she was from Washington DC and is here being a missionary for the Lutheran church. She has been trying to find the Mormon missionaries. We invited her to a program, and at the end she said the prayer. God really does put people into your path. We exchanged information and I’m sure we will see her more often.

week_42_hungary5 week_42_hungary4 week_42_hungary2

This week we weren’t able to find Gabi. As we were leaving the branch house she walked in the door and was wanting to meet. We had a great lesson, and at the end, asked her to be baptized. She accepted for April 18th. We told her that it won’t be easy but we will be with her every step of the way. It was a miracle.


I have never felt happier than I have been here in Hungary, teaching all these incredible people who are so prepared. Seeing them at church, or seeing them slowly progress is a happiness I can’t explain. I love this gospel and I know without a doubt that God loves each and every one of us. Thank you again for all that you do. I feel each and every one of your prayers.

Nagyon Szeretlek.

All my love, Whittaker Nővér

Sister Whittaker’s 41st Week

March 16, 2015

Hello Friends and Family,

It was another wonderful week in Nyiregyháza and this week we stayed quite busy. This week we had zone conference up in Buda and we were able to hear from President Kearon who is a member of the Seventy. It was absolutely amazing and we walked out wanting to be better, more motivated missionaries.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful here, and with the touch of spring, ice cream shops are opening up. We are finding miracles big and small and we are now teaching two new people who are interested in learning more. This week during one of our programs, Sister Nybo and I were teaching in Hungarian and the words seemed to be rolling off our tongues so easily. I know that it was completely the Spirit speaking…not us.

The spirit is so incredibly real, and I feel it every day. I love being a part of this work. I love Hungary and the people. There is no place I would rather be!

I wish you all a wonderful, safe week! God bless.

All my love, Whittaker Nővér

Sister Whittaker’s 40th Week

March 9, 2015


Hello friends and Family!!

It has been an incredible week with many miracles and fun. On Monday we hopped on a train and went on a little adventure up to Tokaj. We only had a few hours to enjoy ourselves in this beautiful, pleasant town, but we made it back safely just in time for game night at the branch house.

week_40_hungary7 week_40_hungary8 week_40_hungary4 week_40_hungary3

After game night on Monday, I felt the impression we needed to walk home. In the center of town, I handed a man who was on the phone a flyer and about two seconds later he demanded me to wait. He handed me the phone and asked me to speak to a women who knew the missionaries. The man was so kind and works at the Catholic temple. In the past he had met with missionaries but it never went anywhere. While we were talking, three boys came walking by who are preparing to be priests for the Lutheran church. We talked about our beliefs and exchanged our information. The next day with the elders, we went into the Catholic Church to find the man we met the night before. He was there, and at the end, set up an appointment with us and one of his architecture friends. Sister Nybo was excited about that because that is what she graduated in!

week_40_hungary12 week_40_hungary11

This week we went on splits in Buda with the Sister Training Leaders, Naegle and Dinehart. It was so great to be back in Buda and be able to see the same people that I taught when I served there. We did plenty of finding, learned a lot and even ate at my favorite restaurant in Buda, “Trofeas.” Sadly, we were only there for a day. But, it was great to be back in Niregyháza getting back to work.


Funny things about Hungary:

1. They call crosswalks “zebras.”

2. When invited over to someone’s home for dinner, they will sit and watch you eat until you are finished.

3. Random strangers will get mad at you for not wearing a scarf if it is cold.

4. Do not be found eating an ice cream cone in the cold or you will get scolded and everyone gives you weird faces.


We had an amazing program this week with Marika and Oli, a less active family who hasn’t been to church for over ten years. They’ve been reading the Book of Mormon every day and they have come to church every week. Last week they announced that they want to get married now, so in the future they can get sealed in the temple with their daughter who is serving an LDS mission in Switzerland. This week we taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and emphasized more on baptism, because Oli has not yet been baptized. Let me tell you, the spirit was so strong and the feeling there was something that I cannot explain. Oli said, “I know this is true, I know the Book of Mormon is true and I now want to be baptized.” It was absolutely incredible and the spirit was so strong. I love that family with all my heart and I feel so blessed to know them.


While we were out streeting, we stopped to talk to a younger man and brought up how we teach FREE English. He was interested, but mentioned how he lives too far away in a little village. I told him that if there is anything that we can do to help him, just let us know. He paused and looked at me straight in the eyes, and said “anything?” Hesitantly we said “yes…” he then brought up the fact that he is a “women sculptor” and has a garden full of women and wanted us to be a part of his collection. We gracefully declined to be one of his models, gave him a Book of Mormon, bore testimony and went on our way. Quite the interesting day.


On Sunday we celebrated a holiday called “Nő Nap” (Women’s day). All the men go around and give women flowers and shower them with love. You definitely would have thought it was Valentine’s Day all over again in Hungary. In church I was asked to speak about influential women who have changed my life. I thought back to my teachers and coaches who have pushed me to be better. The women in my home ward growing up who were perfect examples to me and they helped me try to live up to my full potential. Each one of them has had the biggest impact in my life. I think about the women in my family, my aunts and cousins. All of whom I love and adore in every way. My grandma, the most loving, hardworking and most thoughtful person I know. My sister…who is the best mom, so thoughtful, hardworking and my best, best friend. My mom, who not only is my best friend, and my complete angel, but someone I would see get up every morning and dedicate hours to the Lord, studying and praying. She is the reason I gained my own testimony of the Book of Mormon. I want to thank all the women in my life and for your example. Boldog NŐ Nap!


I feel so grateful to be a part of the Lords work. I would have been so selfish not going and sharing what I know with others, after all Heavenly Father has done for me. Everything I have and love is from God and now it’s my turn to pay it forward. I love this gospel and the happiness it has brought to my family. The blessings it has been in our lives is indescribable.

week_40_hungary6 week_40_hungary5

Life will never be easy, but with God and His Son, Jesus Christ’s Atonement, that burden and stress we feel in life can be taken away. Heavenly Father is waiting patiently on the other side for us to ask for help and answer our questions to our life’s problems. “My children, peace be unto thy soul, thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment and then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high, thou shalt triumph over all thy foes. (D and C 121:7-8) You are never alone!!

Thank you all again for all your love and support. For your prayers and encouragement. God bless and have a wonderful week!

All my love, Whittaker Nővér