Sister Whittaker’s 35th Week

February 2, 2015


Hello friends and family!

This week I was transferred to a new area with a new companion. Sister Nybo is from Lindon, Utah, graduated from the U in Architecture and is the biggest sweetheart you will ever meet. We are serving in Nyiregyhaza, a small city on the east side of the country.

It was a four hour train ride from Buda to Nyiregyhaza but luckily we had our awesome elders, Gonzalez Elder and Priest Elder to keep us company. After a long day, we settled in, got milkshakes at the local burger pub and anxiously waited for the next day.

week_354 week_353

There have been miracles after miracles this week. We taught many programs and we saw the spirit work through us. Sister Nybo has only been here for about 2 months and so neither of us know the language all too well. Even if there are language barriers, people will never forget how you made them feel. We had a lesson this week with an older couple who met the missionaries only once. As we began to teach there was a warm spirit that filled the room. We were able to understand and answer all their questions. It almost felt like someone was speaking for me and the words would flow out beautifully. We set up another lesson and meet with them again this week.  God called us to be successful, not to fail. He never did say it would be easy, but so worth it in the end.

week_352I want to thank my ward members from home for thinking of me!   I loved the poster they signed, it made my whole week!  I love you all!

We had quite the snow storm on Saturday. Luckily, our feet stayed on the ground and we made it safely to the church. It was wonderful to meet all the strong members in the ward on Sunday and to hear them bear testimony. No matter where we are in the world, the church will always stay the same. I know this church is true.



I learned this week that not only is the language important but the spirit is what changes hearts. God calls the weak and humble, not the qualified but he qualifies the called. Don’t ever be afraid, just be patient and give it your all. I know our Father in heaven loves us more than we could ever comprehend. We will always have big mountains to climb and the wind keeps pulling us down but keep on climbing and never let your faith become weak.

DSC07050 DSC07051-2

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Pay it forward and God bless.

All my love, Whittaker Nővér

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