Sister Whittaker’s 8th Week in Hungary

September 15, 2014


Szia friends and family!

It’s been quite the week here in Hungary. The sun decided to hide itself and give us rain. All week it’s been raining but that didn’t stop us from the work! Hungarians do not like the rain or cold so streeting gets a lot harder when no one is out. One day during a rainstorm, we took our umbrellas and headed out. We stopped a man to talk and he started to go off in Hungarian. He said, “Are you crazy? You’re trying to talk to me in this weather?” Nonetheless, he had an umbrella.

DSC00376 week_16_hungary4

Everyday seems to get colder and colder. Fall is moving in and sadly the ice cream shops are closing down.

We had a great lesson this week, and we are currently teaching three Péters. We had to move back Rozsa’s baptism date but she is still strong and faithful! Maria has been an investigator of ours for about a month now and she is incredible. She LOVES the Book of Mormon and her husband loves it too. Her husband is a huge musician and he looked up the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and turns out he loved it so much he posted it on Facebook!

On Saturday the Mission President and his wife came down to Békéscsaba and they took us out for dinner at the sweetest European restaurant that looked like it came out of a children’s fairytale book. In Hungary, they have something called “fruit soup”. They have strawberry, blueberry, cherry and all other kinds of fruit. They make it into a soup and serve it cold. SO delicious!

week_16_hungary3 week_16_hungary2 week_16_hungary5

On Sunday we had the privilege to hear from the mission president, his wife and ME! It was my first time speaking in sacrament and having to speak in Hungarian was quite the challenge but I stayed on my feet and hopefully they understood a few words. I spoke on seminary and the experience I had when I gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon.

I love this gospel. The happiness it brings me is indescribable. I know that God lives and His son, Jesus Christ. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and through that we can find all our answers to life’s problems. We are never alone in the storms of life!

I love Hungary and I feel very blessed to serve in such a beautiful city. The mission not only changes people’s lives but it changes yours as well. Have a wonderful week, be safe and enjoy every minute you have. Life it too short!


Whittaker Nővér

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