Sister Whittaker’s 7th Week in Hungary

September 10, 2014


Szia family and friends!

Time just seems to be getting faster every single day here in Békéscsaba. The work is still going strong and there is never a dull moment out on the mission field. You meet all kinds of people with different faiths, cultures and trials of their own and you have that incredible opportunity to share with them the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is truly a miracle.

Békéscsaba had had quite the weather change this week with many storm clouds and the air changing to cool. We made sure to get as much ice cream as possible before the little ice cream shops close down for the fall. School has started and during our morning runs, everyone is up bright and early for their work day ahead. No one seems to sleep-in around here!

week_15_hungary7 week_15_hungary8

We have three new progressing investigators who could potentially be our next three new priesthood holders. Danny, our new progressing investigator is in his forties and works in a meat shop just down the block from the church house. Our lessons usually take place in the back of his meat store where you get a nice scent of every meat you can imagine.

Something you should know about the Hungarian people is everyone seems to have the same names. Here are the top names: Janós, Tibor, Péter, Edit, Levi and the list goes on. They have something called “name day” which is celebrated like your birthday. Every Hungarian’s name has a specific date, and on that day they receive gifts and have a parties. Unfortunately “Megan” isn’t found on the list.


The food here is quite delicious. Cheeses, meats, and incredible chocolate bars…they have it all! Dinner with a Hungarian is quite the experience. They have up to 6 courses and they insist on you taking two plates for each course. And you’re not finished until they bring out the dessert. You can anticipate gaining up to 10 pounds at just one dinner event! :)

This week was full of programs and tracting. We had much success and met most of our goals. Rozsa, our sweet and incredible investigator is progressing everyday and has gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon. We cannot wait for that special day on September 20th when Rozsa gets baptized. What a beautiful day that will be.




This week during my personal studies, I studied about Peter and how he walked on water. The Lord asked him to “come” and Peter took that leap of faith and trusted in the Lord. That beautiful story relates to us today. We have feelings of doubt or fear. We feel inexperienced and not good enough, almost to the point where we think we will fail. Life has many storms, and there will be days when you feel like you are sinking, (as Peter felt) just remember what happened to Peter: “immediately Jesus stretched forth His hand and caught him.” He will always be there to make sure you never sink in the storms of life. Do you remember the story of the five loaves? How he blessed them and broke them and fed thousands? If the Lord can do great things with a single loaf, imagine what He can do with a single life. Give Him all you have to offer. He will bless it, and He will make it more.


Time to get back to work! I love you all and I hope you have a great week! Be safe and always remember you’re in my prayers.

All is well!

All my love, Whittaker Nővér

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