Sister Whittaker’s 21st Week in Hungary

December 15, 2014

week_26_hungary Győr just keeps getting better and better and the people couldn’t get any nicer. For example, this week we went to a flower shop to buy a rose for Sindy, a member who was performing in her school event later that day. As we go to get ready to pay, a man insists on paying and then tells us to go get another rose for the both of us. In his broken English he says, “Merry Christmas” and gives us both a puszi (which is a kiss) and sends us on our way. We can make the world so much better if we try each day to pay it forward.





week_26_hungary7 This week we were able to show many of our investigators the new video, “He is the Gift” done by the church. It is so beautiful, Sister Schnoor and I have hit the replay button over 100 times and that is still not enough. We had quite the experience as we showed Laura, a new investigator, who is only just nine years old. As we finished watching the video, Laura had the most confused, yet curious look on her face. She leaned over to her mom and said, “Who is that? Who is Jesus Christ?” I am so grateful that I have a knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ and the love He has for each and every one of us.

week_29_hungary_22 week_29_hungary_2 week_26_hungary5

We bought a Christmas tree that is nestled right in our living room. We also enjoyed 10 kilos of ice cream the Elders bought for us, since all the ice cream shops are shutting down for the season.


I want you all to know that I know this gospel is true. Like I say every week, God is truly there and he loves every one of us. I know God sent his son to save us all, that one day we can live with our families and our Heavenly Father forever. I hope you all pay it forward this week. Do something nice for someone that really needs it. Have a safe week and know that I am praying for you all.


All my love, Whittaker Nővér

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