Sister Whittaker’s 20th Week in Hungary

December 8, 2014

week_26_hungarySister Schnoor and I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to serve here in Győr among these great people. It was another good week full of programs, dinner appointments and successful finding. We started the week off right with some Yoga that the church holds every week. It was such a great workout that it left us sore for days. Thursday we had a program with a man named Lajos who is the sweetest man you will ever meet. We walk in and there is just bowls and bowls of dessert and drinks lined up for us to choose from. He was so kind and was open to our message. At the end of our discussion he gives us all goody bags for the holiday coming up. I will never forget how he made Sister Schnoor and I feel. He said he has always admired the Mormon missionaries for their kindness and honesty and said he will never forget the good spirit he felt around us.

We had another wonderful program with a sweet man named Gabor. We talked about prayer and what a wonderful gift it is from our Heavenly Father. We told him that he can know that these things are true by putting Moroni’s promise to the test. Gabor sat there for a while and then asked us, “Should I Ask God? Can I really receive an answer?” We testified that he would, if he put his whole heart into it. God will never ever leave us astray and the heavens are not closed.


Szent Mikulás Day was on December 6th. This holiday is where their Hungarian Santa comes and puts candy in children’s boots during the night. If you were good you got candy, but if you were bad you got sticks. Because it is a holiday of giving, Sister Schnoor and I received so much chocolate. We enjoyed an adorable party that was put on by the ward for the little children. Santa came and brought them all kinds of goodies and they even provided a horse ride at the end.


It was Sister Schnoors birthday on the 7th and it was quite the party. We celebrated it by going to church, then later, the elders invited us to go caroling in the main part of town. It was quite the hit!  We even had little helpers pass out the new “He is the Gift” Christmas cards we received this month. What a wonderful time it is to spread the gospel and talk about our loving Savior, Jesus Christ. At the end of the night the elders surprised Sister Schnoor with a delicious dinner and cake! Have I mentioned how much I love Sister Schnoor. I feel so blessed to be serving with her.


I love Hungary. I feel so incredibly blessed. I can’t believe that Christmas is just around the corner. Always make the best of each day. Life is just too short and we need to enjoy every single second. Thank you all again for your words or encouragement and love. I know this church is true!

God bless you all!

All my love, Whittaker Nővér

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