Jo Napot! | Sister Whittaker’s 3rd Week at the MTC

June 12, 2014

Jo napot friends and family!

It has been an incredible week! I have truly felt the saviors love and guidance. Last thursday after our P-day ended we headed over to TRC – where volunteers come and we teach them a short message to get practice. I can’t tell you how nervous I was..I felt like I was going to pass out but luckily I stayed on my feet. Our first volunteer was absolutely DARLING! Her name was Kirsten and she served in Hungary 2 years ago. We weren’t aloud to speak any English, but Kirsten made my companions and I feel extremely comfortable! I was having the best time until I found out we had to teach another lesson. Again, I started to feel weak in the knees. To meet our next volunteer we had to do a door approach. I look in the window and its two men! One was FROM Hungary and the other served in Hungary a few years ago. I was horrified!! I knocked on the door and smiled extremely big and waved and they really got a good laugh from that. Let me just tell you, I didn’t speak much but I loved hearing them go off together in Hungarian. They spoke incredibly fast and I only understood two words but the spirit was definitely in the room. After I left TRC, I was on an extreme language high and the rest of the night I spoke Hungarian. The love I had for them during the lesson was like nothing I can explain. It made me want to work even harder with the language so I can talk with the amazing Hungarians. I can’t wait to go there!!


This week, Elder Aintablain got fake mustaches from his family. Before class we planned out the perfect prank to pull on our teachers, Sister Skiba and Brother Runnells. When our teachers turned around to write on the chalkboard we immeditely put on our staches, We got them real good :) Especially Brother Runnells.


I can’t tell you how much I love it here! Everyone is so friendly, the spirit is incredible and I love my teachers. We got a new teacher, Sister Christensen!! She is an absolute sweetheart and always helpful. Also, the Albanians and the Finns leave in two weeks. It will be extremely hard to see them leave but I know they will bless so many lives wherever they go.

Every time we have gym, our whole zone gets together and plays volleyball. We have the best time and it’s defintely nice to free your mind from studying Hungarian all day.


Guess who came to speak with us on our tuesdays devotional? Quinton L. Cook! AMAZING. While he was wrapping up his talk he mentioned something to all of the missionaries. He put a blessing upon us that we wouldn’t feel incapable or discouraged. Wow! There was such peace throughout the devotional, AND I was 15 feet away from Brother Cook.

Yesterday I had the oppurtunity to host. The first two sisters I hosted were international, meaning they’ve been here for a day and we had to move them to a new room. One of the sisters was from Switzerland and she was the cutest. She spoke great English. The other sister was from Aulstralia, and she spoke no english! That was a big struggle! We couldn’t find her luggage and the poor thing didn’t know what we were saying. Luckily Lance Oldroyd (coolest guy I know) saved the day and figured it out. We were able to find her bags and get her to class.


As I was hosting, I was walking up the sidewalk and guess who was getting dropped off!? Nicole Nielson! It was so great to see her. I was lucky enough to be her host and help her out. She looked so happy and ready.

I absolutely love it here. I wanted to thank you all for your love, support and prayers! The language is still a huge struggle but I know that will faith, obedience and diligence, the Lord will bless me at the exact moment I need it. It’s all about baby steps, right!? :)


I love you all and just know that you’re always in my prayers! Have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Whittaker (Whittaker Nover)

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