Sister Whittaker’s 45th Week

April 13, 2015


Hello friends and family!

It was a wonderful week and the weather couldn’t have been better. On Wednesday, we decided to have a baking party with our investigator, Annamaria and her daughter. The elders loaned us some brown sugar (which you cannot find in Hungary) and in the end they were delicious. After, Annamaria asked us when we were baptized. We answered 8 years old, and then we felt the impression to ask her if she would like to be baptized. She thought about it long and hard, and with a sure answer, she said “yes.” We were overjoyed and that spirit stayed with us the rest of the evening.

week_45_hungary7 week_45_hungary3

On Saturday, we helped some members of the ward clean there garden areas. When we got there, there was no garden at all, so we started from scratch. We had many hands building and making the gardens beautiful. After being there for many hours, we finally finished the job and it was definitely a job well done.

Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day. In church we were able to hear most of the members bare their testimonies, and that’s always a spirit booster, and to top it all off, András came in his dress shirt and tie with the biggest smile on his face. It was so great to see him there. Later that day, Sister Viernes and Elder Viernes, our senior couple, held a party at their home for our investigators and a few of the members. They provided delicious food and dessert, then we ended the evening by crowding in the living room to watch “The Testament.” It was very powerful movie and you could just feel the spirit and peace in the room.


S0111292week_45_hungary6 S0511359I know that Jesus Christ died on the cross in Calvary and was resurrected for all of us. I know that He lives and will come again. I know that through our hardest times, we can feel the Savior’s arms around us comforting us and giving us the strength that we need. Something that really touched me in conference last week was Elder Oaks comment about how it’s not important what we say to people, but how we are living our lives…that’s what people really notice and that’s what really matters.


I want to thank you all for your love and continuous support. I love you all! God bless.


All my love, Whittaker Nover


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