Sister Whittaker’s 18th Week in Hungary

November 25, 2014

week_25_hungaryIt has been another wonderful week in Buda. We got transfer calls this morning and I am heading to a beautiful town called “Győr.” Apparently it is absolutely incredible there! It’s right between Buda and Vienna. I’m so excited! My new companion will be Schnoor Nővér! She is the sweetest and most positive person I have ever met! We are opening up an area there. I guess we are the first sisters to open up in a while so we will be doing a lot of finding!

I have loved serving here in Buda and having Jensen Nővér as my companion. She is the Sister Training Leader and has taught me so much. I don’t know what I’ll do without her! I have met the most incredible people here. It’s so hard to leave people that you have grown so close to and love so much.



We had a busy week full of lessons and finding. Last Monday we went up to Buda castle where the view is absolutely gorgeous! Pictures don’t do it any justice. After, we had delicious hot chocolate from a quaint cafe in the main square.

week_25_hungary4 week_25_hungary8


Sister Martineau and I went on splits for the last time together. We have a lot of fun together and we have become very close. We were always on the go and stayed busy, we even met a man on the bus that thought we spoke French. After seeing Sister Martineau’s name tag, we kept repeating in Hungarian that we don’t speak French but he still wanted to talk to us in French. You’d think he would have known we didn’t speak French by the confused looks on our faces. It is hard enough to speak Hungarian, but when French is brought into it…yowza!!


We had another program with a boy who is 14 and his mom who is raising him on her own. Let me tell you… he is amazing! He is so wise and mature and speaks like perfect English because they lived in…. wow I can’t remember the name! My English is getting so bad and I can’t remember English words anymore. IRELAND. Now I remember! So anyways, he is just incredible! We taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ. But he says that he takes the Book of Mormon with him to school and he will read it during breaks at school. He gets baptized in December! We’ll talked about faith and when something seems to be going wrong, he’ll say “That’s where faith needs to step in”. I was like, WHOOAA.. who is this boy! Such a cool lesson!

week_25_hungary6 week_25_hungary7 We went tabling this week multiple times and that is always fun. ! I am not afraid to go off and just talk to people by myself. I am improving with the language and speaking, but understanding is just soooo difficult. ALSO, I gave away two BOMs yesterday and bore testimony and got their numbers. Such a good feeling :)

We had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with the whole district and President and Sister Smith, Brother and Sister Bagazzi and Brother and Sister Broadhead. It was sooo delicious! We had turkey, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, it was all there and it all felt like home.


It will be hard to say goodbye to our investigators, especially Aniko who I just love. She is getting baptized on December 6th and the more she thinks about it the more excited she gets. You meet people on your mission that change you and your life. I will never forget the people I met in Buda and what an effect they have made on me. It just shows that no matter where you are in the world, the gospel of Jesus Christ will always stay the same. We are all in this together, and they’re so many people around us who have no idea what happiness and joy they can receive from this Gospel. I love being a missionary. I love this gospel. I know it’s true and I want you all to know that I love you and I’m praying for you.

week_25_hungary11 week_25_hungary10

I bid farewell to beautiful Buda and I wish you all a wonderful week!

All my love, Whittaker Nővér

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