Sister Whittaker’s 59th Week

July 20, 2015


Hello Friends and Family!

It was another great week and by far the fastest week I’ve had on my mission. It reached up to 105 this week but yet again we are still finding all kinds of miracles around every corner.

On Thursday we had a program with a family we have been teaching every week. This time we wanted to prepare a special, unforgettable lesson that the children would love. We started off singing “A Childs Prayer” from the childrens hymn book, which songs always bring a special spirit. We read out of the book, “Értékes Vagy”, the “You are Special”, one of my favorite childhood books my sweet mom would read to me. It represents how we are all Gods children, and how we are all perfect in His eyes, no matter what others think of us. It talks about how we can always communicate and He will always be there. It’s a special book. The kids loved it and after we brought rocks to make “prayer rocks” to put on their pillows so they will never forget to pray to their Heavenly Father.

We had a great program with one of our investigators that is slowly progressing. We followed up on her reading in 2 Nephi 31. It’s a beautiful chapter that talks about Christ being baptized and recieving the Holy Ghost. It goes into the Gospel of Jesus Christ perfectly. Once we got talking about it, we felt like she was ready to get a baptism date. We confidently asked and she sadly turned down our commitment, replying that she is a Christian and was already baptized as a child. We get this concern here a lot in Hungary. After explaining the difference she still wasn’t understanding, but I don’t think her heart was open as well. You learn as a missionary that people learn when they’re ready to learn, not when we’re ready to teach them.

You have a lot of hard days on the mission. A lot of people turning you down, investigators not doing what you asked them to do or even having to find for hours in the hot sun. When times get hard, God always sends you something so sweet and amazing in return. A little taste of heaven just to show that the whole time he was with you and never left you. How grateful I feel to experience the good and bad. I’m so grateful for my Savior, who suffered every pain, heartache or sadness we’ve ever felt. I’m so grateful for His infinite love and open arms in times when I most needed Him. I’m so grateful that through His sacrifice, I can live with my family forever and live in the presence of my Heavenly Father again. All mankind is saved through the redeeming power and mercy of the Savior.

I love you all and I want to thank you again for your prayers and support. Have a great week! Don’t forget to do something nice for someone and brighten up their day. Make the world a little better by small and simple things.

Sok szeretettel,

Whittaker Nővér


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