Sister Whittaker’s 56th Week

June 29, 2015


Hello Friends and Family,

It was a week full of all kinds of miracles, seeing old faces and enjoying every little moment. This week we rolled up our sleeves and went out tracting, knocking on all kinds of doors. We weren’t having much success until we knocked on a door and a young woman answered and told us to come in. She let us sit down and we started talking about our church, the Book of Mormon and why we were here. She listened and asked all kinds of questions. She asked us to come back to learn more, and It just shows, that God is preparing people everyday.


About two weeks ago I stopped a women and we started talking to her about the church. We got her number, and finally this week we were able to meet with her. Her and her mother are so special and were willing to listen. I shared a scripture about our loving Savior, Jesus Christ and His unconditional love. They thanked us and asked us to come back because of the spirit they felt. This week I learned a lot about the spirit and how powerful it really is. We are nothing as missionaries without the spirit as we teach, and for others to be converted, we need to be truly converted ourselves.


This week we went up to Buda to drop off Sister Whitaker because she got transferred to Debrecen. The people of Szeged will miss her so much. She changed lives and will continue to change lives wherever she goes. We love you Sister Whit.




On Saturday, Szeged held a huge party for the whole zone. There were over 100 people and almost half of them I knew. It was great to see old faces and to meet new friends as well. We all came together, had all kinds of fun, played Mediball, learned how to Indian dance, and enjoyed that special night.

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This week I thought about all the amazing people you meet on your mission, people that will forever have a place in your heart. Whether they are your companions, other missionaries, and the people you find and teach. This week President and Sister Smith finish their mission. How grateful I feel to have had the opportunity to serve with them and know them. They are incredible and have changed so many lives including mine. Thank you President and Sister Smith for your service, your love and patience. We will miss you. We will also miss all the senior missionaries who will be leaving. I have grown to know and love many of them. They have been wonderful examples to all of us. We will miss Elder and Sister Bagozzi, Elder and Sister Viernes and Elder and Sister Broadhead. I have such wonderful memories with all of these incredible people. Thank you all for your examples and love.



Thank you all again for your support and prayers. I hope you all have a great week. I love this Gospel. I am thankful for my Father in Heaven who loves and directs us every day. He loves us all more than we will ever know.

God bless.


All my love, and more, Whittaker Nővér

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